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If you are setting out to start a commercial vehicle business, it is necessary that you have the right [Minor] papers. The crack-down on registered vehicles by the relevant authorities is usually more rigorous on commercial vehicles due to various compliance and regulation issues. Having the correct vehicle registration partner for your fleet registration is important for your business. On The Go Transportation offers services in registration and compliance for many forms of commercial vehicles. Instead of having to go through the headache of registering your vehicles, work with professionals at On The Go Transportation. We know every compliance requirement and will ensure that your fleet meets these requirements.

DMV registration is just one of the primary requirements by regulatory bodies for commercial vehicles. The department of motor vehicles oversees that all vehicles, both commercial and private, meet the compliance levels as assigned by traffic laws. Therefore, DMV registration is essential to run commercial vehicles or any fleet for that matter. Registration renewal services are also furnished by On The Go Transporation experts. It is essential to renew registration within the expiry date of the previous registration. Maneuvering a vehicle with an expired license or without the proper permits may cause a ton of problems with the authorities.

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Other than department of motor vehicle registration, there are also other federal and state permits that you may be asked for to have by the law. These are typically the permits that govern the operations of your commercial vehicle within certain states. These permits are usually based on the kind of load being transported, the capacity, and interstate operations along with other factors. Traffic laws usually vary from state to state, and it may be tough to keep tabs on all the laws and requirements in the various states. Vehicle registration renewal services are very inconvenient because it may simply slip your mind, and the consequences may be very costly. Licensing services guarantee that the renewal is complete within the required time to avoid any problems in case you forget.

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Other than permits and registrations, you can also seek replacement plates, cab cards or stickers, handling of vehicle weight charges and equipment ads or deletions among other items from On The Go Transportation. Fleet registration services for commercial vehicles can also be adequately handled by using our professional registration services. Registration of tractors and trucks and out of state licensing are also other services offered. The department of motor vehicles can present you with further information concerning special permits and driver registration services.

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Once you have acquired a new vehicle, the responsibility of ensuring that all qualifications and registration details are updated may be a bit difficult. This may be even harder to track if you are managing a fleet of multiple vehicles or trucks. Selecting a professional who is dedicated to ensuring that all of your registration information are in place will help you to eliminate this task, and allow you to focus on the fundamentals of running your business.

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