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Motor Carrier Permit – Federal & State Permits

Motor Carrier Permit. Federal and state permitsAs part of our permit services, we will assess your operation and determine which transportation permits you are required to have and which ones you should have based on travel.

Motor Carrier Permit Services include:

  • IRS Federal Tax ID# (TIN / EIN)
  • USDOT# Issuance and Updates for MCS-150
  • FMCSA MC Authority (Contract, Common, Broker, Freight Forwarder, Leasing)
  • Property Broker Bonds – New and reinstatements
  • BOC3 Filing (Designation of Process Agent)
  • CA# for Enrollment of the BIT Inspection by CHP
  • CA Motor Carrier Permit for pickup and delivery within California – New and renewal applications
  • PUC Cert – New and renewal applications for buses
  • Pull Notices for Corporations, LLCs and Individuals with drivers other than themselves.
  • United Carrier Registration (UCR) – New and renewal applications
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) – New, additional decals & renewals
  • Colorado Passenger Permit (Buses only)- New and renewals
  • Kentucky (KYU#) New and updates of vehicles added and/or deleted
  • New Mexico E-Permit – New, additions, deletions, changes and renewals
  • New York Hut License & Stickers – New, additions, deletions, changes and renewals
  • Oregon Weight Certs – New, additions, deletions, changes and renewals
  • Intrastate Certs for all states – New, additions, deletions, changes and renewals
  • Hazardous Material Permits for both Federal and State – New and renewals
  • National Freight Code (SCAC) – New and renewals
  • Oversize and Overweight Permits for all states – New and renewals