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Among the first decisions you have to make as a new business owner is figuring out what variety of business system you will file as. Because you will likely be operating under the same structure for the rest of the life of the business, knowing which type to file may be a challenging decision. There are a wide range of various state filings available for businesses these days. See to it that you choose the file the ideal one as it can make a huge difference for the financial future of both you and your business. To make your task easier, below you will uncover the major benefits of each type of state business filing.

If you do not assign your business with any other kind of structure then it will be considered a sole proprietorship by the state. The main advantages of sole proprietorships are they are simple to setup, have few filing requirements, and your business income is taxed alongside your personal income. However, this construction is not a separate legal entity from you as an individual, therefore you will be personally liable for any debts your business is subjected to.

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A partnership is where you and at least another individual are joint owners in the establishment. Among the most important things to be aware of is that you will be individually liable for the actions of your partners and employees. A few of the benefits of establishing a partnership include the ability to join resources and knowledge with another. As an example, you might know the best ways to run a trucking company, but your partner might know how to access capital.

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Corporations have a number of important benefits over partnerships. The most important of these is limited liability. What limited liability means is that the corporation is a completely distinct legal entity from you as an individual. If for example, the business secured a loan in order to purchase a new rig and was unable to meet the payments, your lender could not pursue you personally for the payment owed. Sub chapter S corporations are a fairly new form of business structure that has proved to be popular with many small business owners. A sub chapter S corporation is treated the same as a standard corporation in terms of limited liability. However, for tax purposes, you are treated in the same way as a partnership. This helps to stay clear of the problem of double taxation which occurs with standard corporations.

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Limited liability companies are the most flexible form of business structures available. While limited liability companies do share a couple of the same features, as corporations they are distinct. Like a corporation, they offer limited liability protection. However a limited liability company can consist of a single owner, where case they are taxed as though they were a sole proprietorship. You can additionally have multiple owners for your limited liability company. Among the other benefits is that they are generally easier to setup than corporations and have fewer regulatory requirements. In a limited liability partnership you are sheltered from the actions of these other parties. Simultaneously the business will be structured under the standards of normal partnership. This is generally a better choice than a standard partnership unless the business you are operating is very small and has no debt.

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